Prayer. While thousands of pages have been written about it, Jesus preferred to offer a simple example with a few warnings. Join us in this week’s study of the Sermon on the Mount as we look at what Jesus taught about praying in Matthew 6:5-15.

Short version: keep it simple, and make sure you remember what you’re doing. When we pray, we’re praying to the Father, not playing to the crowd.

Talk is cheap! Jesus doesn’t let us off the hook with such a low price. He calls us to pay attention to what and why we speak. Join us as we discuss Matthew 5:33-6:4 when Jesus deals with oaths and our desire to be recognized by others. Jesus again gets straight to the heart of the matter and doesn’t let us wiggle away from his teaching. We aren’t supposed to be like the world!

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Get ready to be challenged by the words of Jesus as we continue our discussion on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:13-32.

Jesus talks about the nature of discipleship, his purpose in relation to the law, and the heart of the matter.  We discuss what it means to be salt and light and the permanence of God’s plan. Plus, we’ll step on all of our toes as we talk about anger and more!