The old saying is true: everybody talkin’ bout heaven’s not goin’ there!

Jesus describes the path of righteousness as a narrow way. The crowds will stay on the interstate–the wide path that flows fast and easy. Jesus calls his followers to take the road less traveled. Join us as we continue to study from the Sermon on the Mount about the narrow way that leads to life!

Everybody has heard it, but few of us live. “What would you like people to do for you?” Jesus asked. “Do that for them!”

Join us as Richie, Howard, and Matthew study Matthew 7:7-12 in the Sermon on the Mount. Each week we find ourselves more amazed by the powerful words of Jesus!

“Don’t judge me!” That’s a favorite American saying. No wonder that one of our most frequently memorized passages is when Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

This week, we continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount and look at this often-quoted, frequently abused passage of Scripture.

What is there to worry about? Food, shelter, clothing, the economy, politics, my health, my family, my friends, my job, my dog, the environment…the list is practically endless.

This week in our study of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tackles worry head-on and says that it isn’t what his disciples do. Join us as we unpack his words from Matthew 6:25-34 and as we listen to Jesus tell us what to seek first!

Fasting and feasting only differ by one letter, but are worlds apart. This week’s show looks at the most-neglected spiritual discipline: fasting. Join us as we discuss the sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6:16-24.

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