richiegRichard Giardelli

Richie G is weekend producer/on-air personality at WDKN 1260 and 101.5 The One hosts our show. Besides working the radio knobs and buttons, Richie G was  trained at Bible Baptist School of Theology and has a heart for ministry and Bible study. He tries to keep the ministers in line, which is more like herding cats than any of us would like to admit. You can reach him at


Howard Wingo is pastor for Freedom Baptist.

mhsmallMatthew Hiatt preaches for Burns Church of Christ. He blogs, motorcycles, and serves on the board of Dickson County Jail Chaplaincy. He graduated Freed-Hardeman University (’03) and Harding University (’11). He does some light I.T. work on the side. In his spare time, he tries to keep this website up and running!

rrRichard Riehn serves with Eastern European Missions, an organization dedicated to putting Bibles into the hands of those living in Eastern Europe. He works with churches in middle and east Tennessee. He’s a Texas-transplant who is getting used to life in Tennessee.

atAaron Terlecki pastors Hillcrest Baptist Church in Hickman County. Aaron is a Dickson native who graduated from DCHS. He also serves as the jail chaplain for Dickson County Jail Chaplaincy. In the past, he’s served as a hospice chaplain and ran a sign business.


Former Panelists

You probably know that ministers move fairly frequently. Some of our previous panelists still make the trip in to sit at the table when their schedules allow.

Jim Capps

Brian Marcoulier

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