One preacher said that when Jesus spoke to the tomb, it was necessary that he call Lazarus by name. If he had just said, “Come out!” everyone inside would have been raised from the dead.

In this seventh sign of Jesus in John 11:1-57,  Jesus does the impossible: he raises a man who died four days prior. His disciples grasped that he could heal the sick, but raising the dead was something only God can do. Once Jesus accomplished this, it left no doubt as to his identity.

Join us as we discuss  the resurrection of Lazarus from John 11 on the interfaith roundtable on WDKN 1260 AM or 101.5 the One FM in Dickson, TN.

Next week’s lesson begins a new unit on the preaching of Jesus. We’ll begin with the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.

One comment on “Episode 21: Come Out, Lazarus!

  1. Joanne Gray Jul 6, 2015

    Like the illustration of the train that Richie used. Tell Richard, we will pay for mourners at his funeral.

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