It’s a ghost! It’s an alien! No! It’s Jesus, standing in the middle of a stormy Sea of Galilee. In this sign, Jesus demonstrates his presence with his apostles even when they can’t imagine the possibility. The only thing more amazing than what Jesus does is what he says to the crowds afterwards.

Join us as we discuss the end of John 6 where Jesus walks on the water.

Next week’s show comes from John 9:1-41, when Jesus gives sight to the blind!

One comment on “Episode 19: He Walked on Water

  1. Joanne Gray Jun 15, 2015

    Don’t you love it. Teaching and I can’t ask questions or talk!! you guys are bring out some really good points. Enjoy listening (not talking) Your talking and laughing about different scripture, shows Christianity does not have to be stuffy and can be fun to learn about it. Shows the human side of Jesus also. Thanks.

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