The sixth of seven signs in John is the famous healing of a man who was born blind. The Jewish religious leaders can’t handle the idea that Jesus healed on the Sabbath, so they scramble to discredit the story in any way they can. At the end of the day, the man’s testimony could stand: “One thing I know, I was blind, but now I see!”

Join us as we discuss the healing of the blind man from John 9!

Next week’s show comes from John 11:1-57, the raising of Lazarus.

It’s a ghost! It’s an alien! No! It’s Jesus, standing in the middle of a stormy Sea of Galilee. In this sign, Jesus demonstrates his presence with his apostles even when they can’t imagine the possibility. The only thing more amazing than what Jesus does is what he says to the crowds afterwards.

Join us as we discuss the end of John 6 where Jesus walks on the water.

Next week’s show comes from John 9:1-41, when Jesus gives sight to the blind!

How in the world do you feed 5,000? Philip noticed┬áthat it was impractical. Andrew offered what he had, but said it wasn’t enough. A boy gave up his lunch. Jesus turned five loaves into food for five thousand.

Join us as we discuss John 6, and a dramatic miracle of Jesus that leaves 12 baskets of leftovers!

Jesus makes a statement with his first two miracles: he shows up at a wedding that’s out of wine and heals the child of an enemy collaborator. Jesus doesn’t do what we expect him to!

This week, the gang’s all back! Join Richie G, Richard, Howard, and Matthew as we discuss the healing of an official’s son in John 4:46-54.

Quick programming note: there’s some background noise in this episode. Forgive us! We didn’t plan to record at the same time as the lawn mower!

Get ready for next week’s show: the healing at Bethesda Pool. Read John 5:1-47!

Jesus’ first public miracle might be the least favorite of most modern preachers. In John 2, Jesus finds himself at a wedding feast that has run out of wine. Mary his mother prompts him to do something–and he does!

Join Richie G and Matthew this week as we discuss John 2, where Jesus turns water into wine!

If you were selecting a dozen people to carry on a mission to reach the whole world, how would you do it? Hire a head-hunting firm? Conduct a national search? What about a reality show?

Jesus’ approach is a little more direct. He meets them and he invites them. He doesn’t answer all of their questions. He gives them a taste of who he is, and invites them to join on the journey.

Join us as we discuss the calling of the twelve in this week’s episode of the Jesus Roundtable show!

How do you tempt the son of God? The answer, it turns out, is exactly the same way you tempt me or you!

This week’s show looks at the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. We leave the mountaintop experience of baptism and go into a time of hunger, isolation, and weariness. We watch in awe as Jesus dismisses the Tempter and learn a bit about how to deal with our own temptations.